Hello IP#15 HOA Owner/Resident,

TruGreen is scheduled to be at Indian Peaks #15 on Thursday, May 30th to spray the weeds in the native grass common areas (not the parks) and in the ditch area off Indian Peaks Trail West that is undergoing restoration.  Spray is considered safe when completely dry, but those with sensitivities to synthetics/chemicals and concerns regarding weed treatment may wish to avoid these areas for longer than drying time.

If you would like to view the weed application information, this is available on this website on the Documents page, under the section Miscellaneous Documents and is labeled “Weed Application Label Info” and “Weed Application SDS Info”.  This weed application does not contain glyphosate.

A week will be allowed for the weeds to absorb the treatment effectively and the following week mowing of the native grass areas will be done.  The Board’s goal is to eliminate the weeds from the native grass areas and maintain healthy native grass open spaces.