Information re Roof Replacement

In the aftermath of the recent hail storm many owners are discovering that their roofs sustained damage.

If your roof needs repairs, but not total replacement, there is no need to submit for written approval from the Design Review Committee.

If your roof needs total replacement, please submit the Request for Design Approval, even if it will be the same color and shingle style.  This is not intended to create difficulty for homeowners, but to maintain a record for the homeowner and the Association.  Roof replacement that is “like for like” is an automatic approval and there will be no delay to scheduling your replacement.  A significant change to color, shingle style or roofing type will take further review to ensure that the change meets the Association’s governing document requirements, but every effort will be made to respond quickly.

You can find the Request for Design Approval Form for you use on the website.

Inspection of the townhouse roofing is scheduled for tomorrow, June 29th mid-morning, with a professional roofer to ascertain if damage was sustained.  Roofing of park structures will also be inspected.