Broken Tree Branches – Arborcultural Easement

As a result of the snow yesterday, there are a number of tree branches that are broken throughout the community.  The HOA is in process of resolving the tree branches in the HOA Common Areas, but this reminder is being sent out to homeowners, regarding the trees in the Arborcultural Easement.

MOST single family homes throughout the community have an Arborcultural Easement along the front/side of their property, between the fence and the sidewalk.  Homeowners are reminded that the plants and trees located in the Arborcultural Easement are the individual homeowner’s responsibility to maintain/repair/replace.  If tree limbs have broken in the tree(s) in front / on the side of your home, it is your responsibility to remove those limbs, the same as it is your responsibility to remove broken limbs on other trees located on your property. Please have the broken limbs resolved in the coming days, to allow proper pedestrian access to the sidewalks throughout the community.