Indian Peaks Master Association Board Member Elections

PLEASE NOTE:  All homes in the Indian Peaks #15 HOA are members of not only the IP#15 HOA, but also the INDIAN PEAKS MASTER ASSOCIATION.

The annual meeting of the Indian Peaks Master Association will be held on November 14th.  Notices have been mailed to each homeowner including a ballot for Board Members to be elected to the Master HOA Board.

We (IP#15) are the largest HOA under the master. Their budget will require that we pay 26.71% of the master’s budget, or $36.74 per household. That is over 1/3 of our $105/month assessment, and we have no representative on the Master Association Board.

Please vote, either in person, or on your Directed Proxy Ballot, for Marilyn Leist to represent us, and mail your ballot promptly.  Marilyn is a current board member on the IP#15 HOA Board, and a resident of the IP#15 community.  It is the IP#15’s Board’s belief that representation on the MASTER HOA Board is needed, and we would appreciate you to cast your vote for Marilyn Leist, to represent the IP#15 HOA on the Master HOA Board.

We hope to see you at our IP#15 HOA Annual meeting at Centaurus High School at 6PM on November 15th.

(signed) IP#15 HOA Board Members