Emerald Ash Borer Prevention Application

This post is being sent to inform all homeowners in the Indian Peaks #15 HOA of an upcoming Emerald Ash Borer Prevention Application, that is currently scheduled to occur on Monday 4/18 and Tuesday 4/19…..weather dependent.

As many homeowners are aware, the majority of the trees that line the streets throughout the community are Ash Trees, which are susceptible to an Emerald Ash Borer infestation.  Due to the fact that the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a very aggressive pest, the EAB is currently present in South Boulder, and an infestation of the EAB could be devastating to the overall aesthetics of the community, the HOA Board has contracted to have all of the Ash Trees that line the streets throughout the community, and those Ash Trees that are on common area treated to prevent any EAB damage.

Although the trees in the Arborcultural Easement (area between the front fence and the sidewalk/street) are the responsibility of the individual homeowner, the HOA has opted to treat all HOA Ash Trees and all Homeowner Ash Trees located in the arborcultural easement to ensure the community does not experience a devastating EAB infestation.

EAB prevention treatments include the injection of pesticide directly into the trunk of the tree.  The trees will be injected with “Tree-Age”, which will treat the trees for a period of 2 years.  The prior treatment was performed in 2014, therefore it is time to treat the trees once again.

Homeowners do not need to be home when the application is completed.  Since this is a trunk injection, and not a spray, there are no airborne hazards to be concerned with.  With over 470 trees throughout the community that will be treated, the application process may take longer than the expected 2 days to complete.  You will notice contractors completing the trunk injections throughout the community beginning Monday.