City of Lafayette Tree Limb Removal Service

As a result of the last snowfall, a large number of tree limbs were broken throughout the community.  As you have noticed, a number of the homeowners have placed the tree limbs on the street for collection by the City of Lafayette.  PLEASE BE AWARE that the City of Lafayette’s SPRING CLEANUP is scheduled to be conducted in the community on May 4th.  All limbs must be 8′ or less, and cannot weigh over 100lbs.  Additional information on the City of Lafayette SPRING CLEANUP can be found on the City’s website

LIMBS MUST BE PLACED IN THE CURB/GUTTER ON THE STREET, and should not impede pedestrian/vehicle traffic, or hinder the landscape maintenance contractor’s ability to maintain HOA Common Areas.  Limbs that are not collected by the City of Lafayette will be the individual homeowner’s responsibility to dispose of.